dimanche 22 septembre 2013

SHOP: First Halloween Article EVER But Not The Last

It might sound as a surprise but however odd I might sound, I never had the occasion(due to my laziness mainly) to get to put up a Halloween oriented article on my Etsy and that upsets me quite a lot actually. My own unwillingness is appalling! Therefore here comes the first born of a long and fun (I hope) chain of Holiday theme articles.

 I am a bit late to wake up on this one but just you wait for christmas which is officially my favorite snuggling, coffee with cinnamon drinking, fir tree smelling, gathering, eating period of the year.

But before that, for the little time on my hands: FEAR, SHIVER & SHAKE because I still have things for you, Trick-Or-Treaters!
This Vampire really thought he had me but I managed to kill him. 
Only one his tooth remained in my neck. 
I took it out and this is the trophy 
I am willing to offer you on a row of wooden beads.

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