dimanche 8 septembre 2013

READ: Marie Antoinette, The Voyage by Antonia Fraser

I first read this book around 10 years ago and I surprised myself read it in an afternoon. At that time, I could read books from beginning to end without anyone or anything stopping me. Basically I didn't have to worry about anything and this book gave me a new perspective on a person whom I thought I knew more about. For thse of you new to this blog, I am french and therefore I did hear quite a lot about Marie Antoinette. I already knew she herself never would have said "let them eat cake" as she was a great admirer of Rousseau (ironically). Anyhow, the title is quite self-explanatory. I just really recommend you reading it. As all of the books I tend to read, it isn't brand new, so you can probably find it cheap.

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