dimanche 22 septembre 2013

FOOD in Paris: Tante Emma Laden

Gingerbread from Nuremberg: Lebkuchen
I don't know about you but I personally love german "gingerbread". When I was a little girl my parents and brother loved the gingerbread you can get in France. It had a nice smilling bear on the label but, as much as I wanted to like it (it was at times the only biscuit in the house), I really didn't.
For this reason, I feel like the gingerbread I discovered in Germany, when I first visited Nuremberg,  is not the same delicacy. It has all sort of seeds and spices in it with gives it a very distinctive scent and taste.
When I came back to Paris, I wanted to find a place where they sold it and there is! Der Tante Emma Laden at the Marché Saint-Martin sell them around the time of Nicolas Saint's Day and afterwards. I highly recommend going there for other specialties as well which you can eat on the spot.

Marché de la Porte Saint Martin - 31/33 rue du Chateau d'eau - 75010 Paris 

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