dimanche 29 septembre 2013

FASHION: Selection Small Flowers

It has been in for around two years now and it was long enough for me to think it might not just be for grannies and little girls.
Found this little thing on Asos.
 For some reason, I feel like it looks a bit dressed up.
Imagine it worn with a blazer.

From Awear. Classic and Light,
it looks as if it was out of a fairytale.

From Boohoo. Very Hippie like to me.
Worn like so, it is casual.
Add a belt, it will be more dressed up

From Loveculture.
I find it terribly charming and it is
a ice way to cover your shoulder during
warm Fall days.

From Topshop.
Very elegant, it is more of
a little black skirt "but better".
From New Look.
You get Sophisticated, Black with a Twist and Cuty, every flowered dresses you could want.

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