lundi 30 septembre 2013

FASHION: My Autumn Things

My Gloves (from H&M and of real leather with
a wool lining) are essential for my fingers
not to fall off especially as I ride
in the back of a biker. And for my Umbrella,
I just find it delightful!

I have had this bag for a while but I like
how it looks as elegant as it looks fun.
This scarf is on its last breath but still as velvety
if not more than when I first got it.
For my Beannie, it is from last year's H&m collection.

I bought this Tribal print pullover a few years back.
It is a crop top with a princess collar which
 allows air to circulate because it is quite warm.
These shorts are from H&M and my first ever purchase
of small liberty like flowers.

This here is my most valuable pullover.
It is royal blue which is very bright within
Fall weather and it has small silver stars allover.
From a small shop in the Marais.

This one i got from New Look at the start of this year.
It is very warm and makes you look like a lamb.

My favorite here! I love the hood and
pockets. It is very long, just a
tiny bit too short to be a dress.
It also is the most current form of fluffy
 wool you can find in shops this season.
From New Look

My only sweater with an actual figure on it.
I normally go for patterns, but this one was
 too cute not to get. (H&M)

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