dimanche 22 septembre 2013

BLOG: It's The Little Things That Get You

Some people just manage to only be affected by big things, important matters - but some just confront them. However, when your mind is able to confront the harshness of reality, it tends to be very easily irritated by small things. Then, the entire world seemed to either be against you or laughing at you. Either way, IT FREAKING PISSES US OFF.
Let's take an example:
When you accidentally spill your hot tea all over your computer, plugs, recently finished drawings - on basically all of your most precious and "urgent matters" belongings, what is your immediate reaction?

If you are part of the first category of people (those affected by big things), you probably had everything under control to start with, therefore, you wouldn't find yourself in such a situation! HOWEVER, you would simply take matters in hands fast and just clean off everything while thinking of whatever you are working on at the moment and go about your business.

If you are part of the ones for who little things do get you, you would either be screaming, pulling off all of your hair, then cleaning everything while breathing heavily to try to get rid of the tension and tears right at the edge of your eyes and, finally, write a blogpost to calm you nerves down.

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