samedi 7 septembre 2013

BLOG: I Know A Man Out Of His Time

Today, I have an extra post for you. For those of you who do not know me, I talk far too much. It has its good side. People who normally don't care much about talking tend to think that I don't listen.That is where I am a bit sneaky, I listen and I remember really a lot of things. Some people I consider as good friends of mine probably know this by now and that is how they know they can trust me. I know a lot of things others don't but somehow I don't care enough to tell or sometimes I care too much.

Out of all my friend, during one of these talks, one appeared to be just a man out of his time. He is modern and a true good man but he cannot bear how women are at times: over-thinking, lunatic, analyzing and two faced. In my own words, I would say he hates the "cosmo" girl. And I don't blame him. Nowadays, very often you find yourself in a conversation with a woman and she turns out to just be talking about herself and doing both questions and answers. It happens to me much more than I would wish and I end up spending long periods of time being silent. And there, I understood. This man wanted a woman just like in victorian novels and I am quite sure a lot of men would want that.

For my dear friend or any good reason you can think of, you should definitely think about things in more simple way.

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