dimanche 22 septembre 2013

BEAUTY: Sephora Make Up Review

The one I wear is the n°14
I just adore this lipliner, the color definitely is "my lips but better" and I wish to find the exact same color within a lipstick! It does not per say stain the lips  but the color does stay on a fairly long time. If all of the colors are the same formula then I highly recommend it and I am very surprised by the fact that it is not dry. It isn't as rich as a lipstick or lipbalm but if your lips are being well taken care of, it really feels brilliant. 
The one I own is the Light n° 21
I made this video in the morning around 10 in the morning. I took of my make up at 8 pm. 
The Foundation turned out to be still on and "efficient" for 10 hours after I put it on except for some minor break outs but they were more due to the changes in temperature we have in Paris right now. 
Primal Instincts Palette
I have had this palette for a while and its new version is out with a nice packaging which is made out of obviously fake snake skin and cotton fleece and the eye shadows are presented within squares. The major downside these have are the fallouts which are, for the most part, shimmery or glittery which makes it even trickier to work with. They don't feel like pressed powders as soon as you want to work with them. However, when you are careful and use them as loose pigments for some, the pigmentation is quite nice and the colors are vivid.

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