jeudi 26 septembre 2013

BEAUTY: Pin Up Girl Look (Light)

Sephora CC Cream
Start by applying Sephora Care & Color Cream all over your face to get a correction of major redness and/or imperfections. It leaves your skin rather soft looking. If you are aiming at a more 40's like sort of Pin-Up Girl look, you can powder the T zone: the "middle" parts of your face, the middle of your forehead, your nose, cupid's bow and chin.

Urban Decay Original Primer Potion
Put The Eyeshadow Primer in Original all over the lid and underneath the eye as well.

H&M Eye Shadow Brush
Urban Decay Book Of Shadows IV
Using an H&M Eyeshadow Brush (regular Eyeshadow brush), put Missionary on the entire lid as a base. 
Then put the color Bust, with the help of an Urban Decay dome shadow brush, in the socket line and as the outer V to add some dimension to your eyes.
The third color you should use for this look is Midnight Cowgirl that you apply in the middle of my lid and on the brow bone.
Urban decay Eyeshadow Dome Brush
The "Real" color is Blue Bus that you put within the already done outer V and as a line underneath the eye.
In the inner corners, use Crystal as to give a soft edge to the eyes.
Héma Eyebrow Pencil in 10
Apply Eyebrow pencil to structure my eye frame and Make them well defined. Try not to make them to harsh which give something to strict to the look. That is also why taking a lighter color helps.

With the eyeliner, try to make a small wing but nothing too extravagant. The goal is to give an illusion of fuller lashes. Start with the eye you have most difficulties with and just reproduce on the easier one.
Lash Accelerator by Rimmel
Mascara does help most when it comes to look doll-like or Pin-Upy so mascara away, top and bottom lashes, as much as you feel like with your favorite one which, in my case, happens to be Lash Accelerator by Rimmel.
The Body Shop Honey bronze Kabuki Brush
Honey Bronzer by The Body Shop
Use a none shimmery and not too orange bronzing powder or a face powder 2 or 3 shades darker then your own to contour your face. Don't do it too heavily, Pin Up girls have to have cheeks. This was the time when men needed models and women they were dreaming to have not skinny Super Models.
The Look

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