vendredi 13 septembre 2013

BEAUTY: Review Front Cover at Sephora

Cool Eyes Hot Lips
Front Cover is a very affordable brand displayed at Sephora. I really wanted to check them out. Once again I have to put out there that I don't really have the kind of money for high end products. However I have very sensitive skin therefore no matter what a lot of friend are using me as live size "animal" test for cheaper brands. When it comes to Frontcover products, they tend to be nice combinations of several different type of make up products. Their formulations are without parabens or animal derivatives according to their website.

I picked the Hot lips set because of the very nice selection of nude eyeshadows and non-sticky lipgloss. The lips though called "hot", they turned out to be quite sheer and therefore can build.I use the eye shaddows on a daily basis though I have to say that they are not very pigment but quite shimmery which is surprising as the name of the palette says "cool eyes". And the products don't have a smell or scent that I noticed which to me is an upside to it.Overall I give these products a thumbs up!

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