mardi 26 novembre 2013

BEAUTY: Deodorant 48h....?

Grabbing my deodorant after my morning shower, I noticed a mention I did really notice before: "48h". The bottle being almost done, I went to the shop to get a new one.
I thought 48h hours was a fairly large amount of time for you to find a shower. I remembered with a smile that golden age of my youth and my first deodorants and the mention "24h" as if it was unbelievably advanced science.
However, it is true that nowadays if you want a product to sell, it has to be better,faster,stronger but still. Personnal hygiene is in deed personnal but i don't know if it is logical for a device which technically designed to make someone smell good to be advertised the way.
For some stupid reasons, it reminds me of the ancient times, when people spread perfumes to scare the smell away and it should not be like this.

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