lundi 30 septembre 2013

FOOD In Paris: Starbucks at Capuccines

Starbucks manages in general to set their places in a nice way but this one is really tremendous even if the line can be long (the setting might be the reason). It is located just next to the Opéra Garnier on Boulevard des Capucines. If you want a Starbucks drink in a Versailles setting, Go!

FASHION: My Autumn Things

My Gloves (from H&M and of real leather with
a wool lining) are essential for my fingers
not to fall off especially as I ride
in the back of a biker. And for my Umbrella,
I just find it delightful!

I have had this bag for a while but I like
how it looks as elegant as it looks fun.
This scarf is on its last breath but still as velvety
if not more than when I first got it.
For my Beannie, it is from last year's H&m collection.

I bought this Tribal print pullover a few years back.
It is a crop top with a princess collar which
 allows air to circulate because it is quite warm.
These shorts are from H&M and my first ever purchase
of small liberty like flowers.

This here is my most valuable pullover.
It is royal blue which is very bright within
Fall weather and it has small silver stars allover.
From a small shop in the Marais.

This one i got from New Look at the start of this year.
It is very warm and makes you look like a lamb.

My favorite here! I love the hood and
pockets. It is very long, just a
tiny bit too short to be a dress.
It also is the most current form of fluffy
 wool you can find in shops this season.
From New Look

My only sweater with an actual figure on it.
I normally go for patterns, but this one was
 too cute not to get. (H&M)

dimanche 29 septembre 2013

FOOD In Paris: Sugarplum

In Paris, there are not that many good cake shops as odd as it may seem henceforth if there is a place with amazing cakes and delicacies, it is Sugarplum. My favorite treat is the Rice Crispy Treat but once in a while, i treat myself to a nice piece of comforting layer cake of which they always have 3 sorts so that you simply HAVE to get some. Just Go for a nice cup of tea ( I highly recommend the Lady Yang Guifei ) and cake or biscuit. It will bright up your day not doubt!

8 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine  
75005 Paris, France

FASHION: Selection Small Flowers

It has been in for around two years now and it was long enough for me to think it might not just be for grannies and little girls.
Found this little thing on Asos.
 For some reason, I feel like it looks a bit dressed up.
Imagine it worn with a blazer.

From Awear. Classic and Light,
it looks as if it was out of a fairytale.

From Boohoo. Very Hippie like to me.
Worn like so, it is casual.
Add a belt, it will be more dressed up

From Loveculture.
I find it terribly charming and it is
a ice way to cover your shoulder during
warm Fall days.

From Topshop.
Very elegant, it is more of
a little black skirt "but better".
From New Look.
You get Sophisticated, Black with a Twist and Cuty, every flowered dresses you could want.

FASHION: Jean Paul Gaultier Mon Amour!

As always the JP Gaultier show is a Must-see and you won't regret it, it will make you happy!

BEAUTY: The Body Shop NEW Make Up Removers & Old Flames Review

Camomile Somptuous Cleansing Butter

Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser

- It cleans but it wasnot so calming for my skin that is. and I had to wash it off.

Camomile Eyes and Lips Makeup Remover

- Rather decent product, but nothing would justify its price especially as it left a sort of very greasy layer over my skin after application.

Sparkling Ginger Body Butter & Sparkling Ginger Lip Balm

- Very rich, it goes within your skin/lips very easily and leaves it very rehydrated. The lip balm really has a festive shine. It HAS to come back or the holiday collection has to be of the same level.

Vitamin C Moiturizer SPF 15

- This product does protect you from the sun and allows you to get a nice shin with time. Plus it's citrus scent is very fresh and nice without you feeling that you are wearing "food" on your skin.

samedi 28 septembre 2013

PERFUME: Sentiment by Escada

This was one of my favorite and first perfume. I am sorry if it is now difficult to find. This particular scent is floral and very powdery. It is composed of mandarin, magnolia, iris, black currant and berries. From my experience, Escada generally tends to create young scent and sometimes a bit to girly. Here it really does suit a woman. It would be nice to wear on a day out with your loved one and maybe more difficult for an important meeting because it sort of reveals our soft side.

vendredi 27 septembre 2013


The sort of rare movie that made me cry even when I watched it again.
Once more not much to say except that it is a classic for good reasons!

BEAUTY: Favorites #1

Beauty Related Favorites
- Paws For Raspberry by Bath and Body Works Anti-bacterial hand gel
- Camomile Somptuous Cleansing Butter by The Body Shop
- Monoï Oil by Yves Rocher
- Body Treats Vanilla and Heliotrope Body Butter by H&M
- Care+Color Cream by Sephora
- Models Own Nail Polishes
- Wet'N'Wild Lipstick Red Velvet
- Raw Color Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Not Beauty Related Favorites

- Hema Black and Red Sunglasses
-Jane Austen Adress Book by Potter Style
- Bouloc Skydive Break-time Boogie Plastic Glass
- Chalet d'Hiver Candle by Air Wick

jeudi 26 septembre 2013

BEAUTY: Pin Up Girl Look (Light)

Sephora CC Cream
Start by applying Sephora Care & Color Cream all over your face to get a correction of major redness and/or imperfections. It leaves your skin rather soft looking. If you are aiming at a more 40's like sort of Pin-Up Girl look, you can powder the T zone: the "middle" parts of your face, the middle of your forehead, your nose, cupid's bow and chin.

Urban Decay Original Primer Potion
Put The Eyeshadow Primer in Original all over the lid and underneath the eye as well.

H&M Eye Shadow Brush
Urban Decay Book Of Shadows IV
Using an H&M Eyeshadow Brush (regular Eyeshadow brush), put Missionary on the entire lid as a base. 
Then put the color Bust, with the help of an Urban Decay dome shadow brush, in the socket line and as the outer V to add some dimension to your eyes.
The third color you should use for this look is Midnight Cowgirl that you apply in the middle of my lid and on the brow bone.
Urban decay Eyeshadow Dome Brush
The "Real" color is Blue Bus that you put within the already done outer V and as a line underneath the eye.
In the inner corners, use Crystal as to give a soft edge to the eyes.
Héma Eyebrow Pencil in 10
Apply Eyebrow pencil to structure my eye frame and Make them well defined. Try not to make them to harsh which give something to strict to the look. That is also why taking a lighter color helps.

With the eyeliner, try to make a small wing but nothing too extravagant. The goal is to give an illusion of fuller lashes. Start with the eye you have most difficulties with and just reproduce on the easier one.
Lash Accelerator by Rimmel
Mascara does help most when it comes to look doll-like or Pin-Upy so mascara away, top and bottom lashes, as much as you feel like with your favorite one which, in my case, happens to be Lash Accelerator by Rimmel.
The Body Shop Honey bronze Kabuki Brush
Honey Bronzer by The Body Shop
Use a none shimmery and not too orange bronzing powder or a face powder 2 or 3 shades darker then your own to contour your face. Don't do it too heavily, Pin Up girls have to have cheeks. This was the time when men needed models and women they were dreaming to have not skinny Super Models.
The Look

mercredi 25 septembre 2013

FOOD In Paris: Le Café Zéphyr

This is LE café to me. The food is good and of quality. The coffee is rather good as well and it is obvious this is an argument for a café in Paris. I would especially recommend the strawberry pie that they do not always have. if it is the case try their blueberry pie that is on the menu, it is quite brilliant as well.

12 Boulevard Montmartre  75009 Paris

01 47 70 80 14


Brilliant movie! My friends described it to me as a contemplative movie and when you are french it really means something slow a tight like a overrated slideshow with in general a lot of sighing involved. This is not the case here. It is written around the senses and passion wether good or bad.

mardi 24 septembre 2013

BEAUTY: Review Posie Tint by Benefit

It really is a nice little multi-use product though I personally use it on my lips for a very nude and easy-to-wear lip stain and obviously if you just put a very small amount on your chicks, it gives a sort of perfected look. Thumbs up!

dimanche 22 septembre 2013

SHOP: First Halloween Article EVER But Not The Last

It might sound as a surprise but however odd I might sound, I never had the occasion(due to my laziness mainly) to get to put up a Halloween oriented article on my Etsy and that upsets me quite a lot actually. My own unwillingness is appalling! Therefore here comes the first born of a long and fun (I hope) chain of Holiday theme articles.

 I am a bit late to wake up on this one but just you wait for christmas which is officially my favorite snuggling, coffee with cinnamon drinking, fir tree smelling, gathering, eating period of the year.

But before that, for the little time on my hands: FEAR, SHIVER & SHAKE because I still have things for you, Trick-Or-Treaters!
This Vampire really thought he had me but I managed to kill him. 
Only one his tooth remained in my neck. 
I took it out and this is the trophy 
I am willing to offer you on a row of wooden beads.

BLOG: It's The Little Things That Get You

Some people just manage to only be affected by big things, important matters - but some just confront them. However, when your mind is able to confront the harshness of reality, it tends to be very easily irritated by small things. Then, the entire world seemed to either be against you or laughing at you. Either way, IT FREAKING PISSES US OFF.
Let's take an example:
When you accidentally spill your hot tea all over your computer, plugs, recently finished drawings - on basically all of your most precious and "urgent matters" belongings, what is your immediate reaction?

If you are part of the first category of people (those affected by big things), you probably had everything under control to start with, therefore, you wouldn't find yourself in such a situation! HOWEVER, you would simply take matters in hands fast and just clean off everything while thinking of whatever you are working on at the moment and go about your business.

If you are part of the ones for who little things do get you, you would either be screaming, pulling off all of your hair, then cleaning everything while breathing heavily to try to get rid of the tension and tears right at the edge of your eyes and, finally, write a blogpost to calm you nerves down.

BEAUTY: Sephora Make Up Review

The one I wear is the n°14
I just adore this lipliner, the color definitely is "my lips but better" and I wish to find the exact same color within a lipstick! It does not per say stain the lips  but the color does stay on a fairly long time. If all of the colors are the same formula then I highly recommend it and I am very surprised by the fact that it is not dry. It isn't as rich as a lipstick or lipbalm but if your lips are being well taken care of, it really feels brilliant. 
The one I own is the Light n° 21
I made this video in the morning around 10 in the morning. I took of my make up at 8 pm. 
The Foundation turned out to be still on and "efficient" for 10 hours after I put it on except for some minor break outs but they were more due to the changes in temperature we have in Paris right now. 
Primal Instincts Palette
I have had this palette for a while and its new version is out with a nice packaging which is made out of obviously fake snake skin and cotton fleece and the eye shadows are presented within squares. The major downside these have are the fallouts which are, for the most part, shimmery or glittery which makes it even trickier to work with. They don't feel like pressed powders as soon as you want to work with them. However, when you are careful and use them as loose pigments for some, the pigmentation is quite nice and the colors are vivid.

FOOD in Paris: Tante Emma Laden

Gingerbread from Nuremberg: Lebkuchen
I don't know about you but I personally love german "gingerbread". When I was a little girl my parents and brother loved the gingerbread you can get in France. It had a nice smilling bear on the label but, as much as I wanted to like it (it was at times the only biscuit in the house), I really didn't.
For this reason, I feel like the gingerbread I discovered in Germany, when I first visited Nuremberg,  is not the same delicacy. It has all sort of seeds and spices in it with gives it a very distinctive scent and taste.
When I came back to Paris, I wanted to find a place where they sold it and there is! Der Tante Emma Laden at the Marché Saint-Martin sell them around the time of Nicolas Saint's Day and afterwards. I highly recommend going there for other specialties as well which you can eat on the spot.

Marché de la Porte Saint Martin - 31/33 rue du Chateau d'eau - 75010 Paris 

samedi 21 septembre 2013

PERFUME: Jude or Robert ?!

Nowadays each time I go see a movie, I saw each times the adds for both Shalimar by Guerlain and Dior Homme.

The Shalimar ad is really esthetically magnificent ( ). It does last a bit long and it has a down side which is that I know the perfume. I really consider it as the perfect elderly scent crafted today as it has been released 90 years ago. 
The Brand New Ad
The second ad is the one for Dior Homme with Robert Pattinson, a charming young lady and the sound of Led Zep with Whole Lotta Love ( ). I still regret the vibe and style of Jude Law's ones for all Dior Sport ( ), Dior Intense ( ) and even a bit long Dior Homme by Guy Ritchie ( ).
Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme
Jude Law for Dior Homme
However a woman who was taking care of me at Sephora last I was there told me, when I said I preferred Jude Law, that she was the same and that it was because we were from another generation. Just as a reminder, I am 25 years old and that lady must have been around 40... Sad but funny though.

vendredi 20 septembre 2013

BLOG: About Creating Jewelry

It might seem like a regular occupation but creating pieces of jewelry reveals to be quite interesting and puzzling. Each single piece has to have a soul, something which makes it beautiful and meaningful. It is quite basic really: if I like it than it is good enough, if not, I have to make it again. Even if the style can differ, I only propose jewelry and objects I would wear or use.

mercredi 18 septembre 2013

BEAUTY: Urban Decay Oz Theodora Palette Review

Theodora Palette & Super Saturated LipGloss Theodora
Yep I know very well, this is quite boring but Yes I like it too, the Theodora Oz Palette. I bought it a week ago and I think it is brilliant for nude looks and smoky eyes, and you can even create a little bit more daring look by playing with the green and the gold. It comes with an eye pencil just like some other palette of Urban Decay so no primer, mascara or pencil the way they did  with the Naked palette or the Books of Shadow. BUT you get a brilliant lip liner. it is a bold color even when you just dab it on but it really lasts a long time. Have fun, it’s just make up.

FOOD in Paris: Café Bert's, Café Contemporain

 Sometimes you want something good and efficient. Than why not going to the cinema without going to the cinema?

Bert’s café is right here for you. Surrounded by a few quite beautiful pictures of actors and actresses you can get a drink and tiny dish. it is fllowing the codes of self service sort of “prét-à-manger" that is so trendy nowadays.

As a french person myself, I have to say that it is quite odd for me to give you such a place to go to.

However the fact that it convinced me, someone who doesn’t believe in the concept, shows its efficiency. It also is a very nice place to meet with friends or to talk business because of the muffled cosy ambiance.

Forum des Halles

MUSIC: C'est Ma Chanson by Petula Clark

Song Cover
This has been the song that has maid a home out of my head for the past few weeks. It really has a nice and comforting ring to it and it reminds me of fall for some undefined reason. Even if you might think that it isn't trendy or fashionable, remember that YOU are making trends and fashion, you can embrace what is in trend but if you don't, don't ever feel bad about it. Life isn't school and your choices make you the wonderful person that you are. Bisouxxx