dimanche 28 juillet 2013

ROAD TRIP #12: After A While, You NEED To Come Back "Home"

This is our forelast stop: Coeur d'Alene. My parents picked it because they came here when they were young and had no kids: from their own words: "It was fantastic. It is obvious this town revolves around elderlies, rich people and newly weds. 

Though it is very nice around here and all...

Spending an entire month with your family once you emancipated does lead me to a very simple conclusion which makes me sad for the ones I don't have with me:

There is nothing like the Family that you choose and make yourself (though I have been helped by a fantastic girl to do so) as i was saying to one dear member of that Family.

My stupidity just comes from leaving my love behind for so long. I am homesick because wherever He is is my home.

No matter how odd it might sound to some, once you find your love you want to be with him all along the way, wherever this way may lead.

... And I do miss the kitty too :)

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