lundi 8 juillet 2013

FASHION: New Look Summer Selection

There is a fun selection of articles which don't really have anything in common. 
However, if you look for a items a little different 
without going into wild extravaganza 
this might just be the right selection for you.
I am IN LOVE with those shoes. 
I have to say they aren't the most glamourous and elegant footwear 
but they have the advantage to be one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I ever wore. 
It is like walking on soft grass.

I have only one thing to say: galaxy print duuuuh!

Funky and old school crop top in a fine see-through material. 
Something more? The turtle neck.

High Waisted and very "sailorish". 
!! Yo ho yo ho this pair of shorts for me !!

Native American gigantic bangs oooh yeah!

It could have been a simple dress and 
this interlaced pattern alone made it special. 
The fact that the rest of the dress covers the body quite well 
makes it even nicer to me.

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