dimanche 28 juillet 2013

ROAD TRIP #12: After A While, You NEED To Come Back "Home"

This is our forelast stop: Coeur d'Alene. My parents picked it because they came here when they were young and had no kids: from their own words: "It was fantastic. It is obvious this town revolves around elderlies, rich people and newly weds. 

Though it is very nice around here and all...

Spending an entire month with your family once you emancipated does lead me to a very simple conclusion which makes me sad for the ones I don't have with me:

There is nothing like the Family that you choose and make yourself (though I have been helped by a fantastic girl to do so) as i was saying to one dear member of that Family.

My stupidity just comes from leaving my love behind for so long. I am homesick because wherever He is is my home.

No matter how odd it might sound to some, once you find your love you want to be with him all along the way, wherever this way may lead.

... And I do miss the kitty too :)

vendredi 26 juillet 2013

ROAD TRIP #11: Mount Rushmore

This National Memorial really is monumental
Its organisation is far from the other Parks I visited
Everyone and Anyone can go there and commemorate the Presidents.

If you are missing the other ones who would not be around, go and drive through Rapid City.
Along the street you will find bronze status of all the United-States presidents.

jeudi 25 juillet 2013

lundi 22 juillet 2013

ROAD TRIP #9: Yellowstone National Park

It is the second time I am going these parts and let me tell you, 
it has been sunnier and nicer than ever. 
Do go there as soon as possible.

ROAD TRIP #8: Jackson Hole's Rodeo!

The Jackson Hole Rodeo was my first rodeo therefore my ability to judge is not at its best.
However, it was rewarding and very entertaining.

samedi 20 juillet 2013

ROAD TRIP #7: Craters Of The Moon

Today, Craters of The Moon Park, very dark and black and we were lucky enough to see the rain only after visiting the park.

samedi 13 juillet 2013

ROAD TRIP # 5: 2nd Hotel

The only problematic thing when you are on a road trip with your parents is that you miss your friends and love one. Thanks for the never-ending rhythm at which we are going and proximity in which we are living, I don't have much time to get mellow but I always have the time to stop and smile as I wonder what they are doing right now.
I miss you all and I love you.

ROAD TRIP #3: Discovering Cosmetics 1st

I somehow managed within being in the US for a week, not to bump into any mall or large supermarket. 

Yes, i know it is close to a miracle. But i did need a few essentials that I ended getting in local general stores in Skamania County. Useful or less useful,there they are.

mercredi 10 juillet 2013

FRENCH: How to Stay Fresh When it's Hot

Cette semaine, à Paris, nous avons eu le droit à un VRAI temps d'été qui à rappeler la mousson à beaucoup d'être nous. Je dois avouer que, quand la nuit est tombé à 11h du matin lundi et quand le tonnerre a ronger nos nuits, nous avons un peu du mal à garder quelque sorte de fraicheur.

Assises à la terrasse d'un café, mes amies et moi-même avions profité de ces rares instants où la pluie diluvienne et la chaleur suffocante ont eu la bonté de se retirer un petit peu. Nous avons toutes le même problème: est-ce que l'on peut se sentir fraîche et propre dans un temps pareil?

Je peux vous le dire: pas vraiment. Mais il est certain que des mesures peuvent être prises sur l'effet que cette chaleur peut avoir sur vous. Il semblerait que l'un des problèmes principaux est que l'on a du mal à avoir conscience de sa propre odeur corporelle. Je ne dis pas que quoi qu'il arrive, vous sentez bon. Mais il est fort probable; si vous avez pris une douche, mis du déodorant et du parfum ainsi que vos lotions ou crèmes; que vous sentiez bon toute la soirée.

Le métro et même la ville en générale, vous forcent à supporter des agressions odoriférantes et vous laisse avec le sentiment de sentir mauvais. Quoi qu'il en soit, la marche à suivre est simple:

- Une bonne routine de soins et d'hygiène juste avant de sortir.

- Avoir un spray d'eau et des lingettes visage et corps ( celles pour bébé fonctionnent)

- Si possible, limiter votre maquillage (porter une BB crème au lieu d'un fond de teint)

- Pour ne pas briller, un minimiseur de pores ou une crème mattifiante.

mardi 9 juillet 2013

FASHION: Wasteland Summer Selection

The 80's Under Water
  Here are my favorite items from what can be found on Wasteland. Fun and different, I never did shop there before but from hearing Grav3yardgirl brag about it I went on and looked around the website. 

Spaceship GATOR
Mint Green and Lace

You Can Hurt
Someone With That


Made Out of the Horn of a Unicorn
BIG Fringe 

lundi 8 juillet 2013

FASHION: New Look Summer Selection

There is a fun selection of articles which don't really have anything in common. 
However, if you look for a items a little different 
without going into wild extravaganza 
this might just be the right selection for you.
I am IN LOVE with those shoes. 
I have to say they aren't the most glamourous and elegant footwear 
but they have the advantage to be one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I ever wore. 
It is like walking on soft grass.

I have only one thing to say: galaxy print duuuuh!

Funky and old school crop top in a fine see-through material. 
Something more? The turtle neck.

High Waisted and very "sailorish". 
!! Yo ho yo ho this pair of shorts for me !!

Native American gigantic bangs oooh yeah!

It could have been a simple dress and 
this interlaced pattern alone made it special. 
The fact that the rest of the dress covers the body quite well 
makes it even nicer to me.

dimanche 7 juillet 2013

MOVIE NIGHT! Dirty Dancing

It is one of my favorite movies and as I was arriving in Stevenson tonight, it was on TV. If you never saw it, do give it a try. It is awesome!!!

BEAUTY: EOS Strawberry Sorbet

So as soon as I arrived to the US I "invested" in an EOS Lip Balm, the strawberry sorbet which is really nice and smooth and soothing. THUMBS UP!

ROAD TRIP #2: Mount St Helen

This mountain defenitly is hollowed. It is a beautiful sight but that is all. I have to say this because that is what I think. Compared to a lot of others, it didn't end up being my favorite.

ROAD TRIP #1: Two Days In Seattle

So there I am. I just spent my first two days in the US in Seattle. The Space Needle does look impressive though it is feels quite smaller in person. The EMP museum, the food market and going up the Smith tower on the other hand where brilliant and entertaining.
Off to the next stop where I will be dor quite a while: Stevenson in Oregon.

mercredi 3 juillet 2013

BEAUTY: Review Refreshing After-sun Milk by Bioderma

To give you the best review possible, I got sun burnt ( not on purpose) and used this cream on it. Let’s be honest, once you get sun burnt there is no way of “going back" except if it is real small and you directly act about it (bathing and putting biafine on it). However I highly recommend this cream to sooth your skin after a long exposure to the sun.


Looking for a nice pizza with the family or a nice efficient dish? The Pizza Vesuvio on the Champs Elysées is a very nice restaurant to go to. I have been going for as long as I can remember and I always had a good time. If eating italian food is forbidden on your trip because you exclusively want french cuisine than don’t worry, their menu also has a nice selection.

144 Champs-Élysées 

75008 Paris

mardi 2 juillet 2013


I finally saw Ted... yes in deed it's not brand new but it was a very good suprise. 
Someone through everything I had hear about it I hought I was not going to like him. 
But I really did, and I did have my share of laughs.
I highly recommend it except that I have to point out:
it is not for kids and it contains really offensive  language.


This is THE Paris Bento. I discovered it last night thanks to a dear friend of mine who wanted a nice and calm place to eat with all of us. The service is really friendly and helpful and the waiters we had were able to speak english.

If you want an all in one meal with a delicate japanese touch, you need to go there at least once. The prices are a bit higher than your regular bistrot for the portions but still quite affordable. Ideal for vegetarians or cuisine nouvelle lovers who what to eat their fill.

57 rue Charlot, 75003 Paris

 09 60 00 25 59

Monday to Sunday : Noon to Midnight.

BEAUTY: Nuxe Product Over View

Nuxe are sort of high end products which are very nice to sensitif skins. Once again I recommend them highly.

lundi 1 juillet 2013

FOOD in Paris: Schwartz's Deli

We were going along streets looking for food and around rue des rosiers is quite a tricky place to pick something because of the abondance of restaurants. But one of us pointed out the direction of that deli and Oh my! what a treat! If you are in need of a good burger or pastrami sandwich, rush over there.

16 rue des Ecouffes
75004 Paris

01 48 87 31 29