dimanche 30 juin 2013

BEAUTY: Minty Tropical

 That is how I was when I put on this nail polish for the first time. 
It is as if you had a baby box from Tiffany & co. on each nail. 
Thumbs up for Royal Botanical Garden by nails inc.

MOVIE NIGHT! Pretty Woman

SOOOOOO classic !
However, it has been a while since I saw it. 
The story is rather simple, love, money, explanations...
It has a very peculiar vibe that makes it so good and symbolic of that time.
Coffee in hands, get, steady, go!

FASHION: H&M Summer Selection

Here is a little selection from the H&M collection for this summer. For those of you who know me, you will notice there is a lot of black for my colorful self here. But anyways these pieces are really nice and simple.

First, comes this very light mousseline tunique perfect for summer nights and evenings. The Ombre gives this item a personal touch.

My opinion is that these leggings are very nicely detailed and the 80's feel they have and their lining could give an edge to your outfit.

Girly but efficient. You can do anything you feel like doing in shorts (contrary to skirts) but the rose gold detailing and the lace trim will give you the ultimate girl on the go look.

No doubt here. This piece is edgy and pop rock. It is a very "fun" item to have.

This blazer is very sleek and though it is black, it still is lighter then a lot of jackets out there.

I have been wearing this top under a kaki lace top and I had so many compliments. This little brassiere is very fun and allows you a little craziness within your outfit. Try it out!


Hello, I have tried a lot to make my blog posts coherent before but I decided  I will post everything and anything I want. 

Be prepare!

Because I definitely am!