mardi 31 décembre 2013

BLOG: Bye Bye 2013 TAG

Last Article of the year and last video of the year

(after Raphael and Hélène's)

What changed most in your life?

   I didn't go to university anymore. I was suppose to follow a course to become a public writer (for administration but also for creative writing) but it ended up being very similar to the formation I already had. Therefore I ended up being too late to get back to the follow up to the Licence I got last year. I will do that in 2014 or get a reorientation. A year off allowed me to get a better hold on what I actually wanted to do and I needed a period of reflection as I have had been in school since I was 3. And I ended up, since the beginning of the school year (september), working more on the blog, the videos and the shops as if it was my actual job. it felt very nice and interesting.

Which make up product did you use most?

   I was very often on the road since the very beginning of the year. Therefore I needed palettes which could create everything and anything. So I ended up with my Naked Palette by Urban Decay and Glamour On The Go by Too Faced.

Which Bag did you wear most?

   Each year, I think I will change for an other one but I always end up with this little bag which is like an army bag that I got at the Automatic's concert. At the time, it was all army green with just the name of the band embroidered on it. As you can see, over the years, it got some damage done. But I love it and every little scare reminds me of some nice memory.

Which trend did you like best?

   I really enjoy the come back of the baroque. It added a very fun dimension to the classics and to all of the models which could have been boring, it gave a very nice and interesting vibe.

What is your favorite memory with your family?

  I spent the entire month of July with my family road tripping in the North West of the United States and we saw so many different things and different people that I could not be more precise or pick a part of it as the highlight. Here are the few images and articles from that part of the year: Road Trip

What is your favorite memory with your friends?

  I could say all the different times I have been to drop zones though I really did not really jump this year (20 jumps in). Or the few precious moments I got with both my best friends (boy and girl). Check out a part of an awesome time I had with my girl bestie.

Which audacious change in make up?

  Bold lips without hesitation. I always rocked the crazy eyeshadows but I never were crazy with my lips before this year.

 What did you learn?

  I understood how much work it can be if you put effort into a blog (especially if you write everyday) and videos. I really felt it could be a job when done seriously but I also learned many things. When writing about anything, researching and testing methods or products, I always applied the method I use at school and at la Sorbonne which is to cross-reference. It means doing much more work but also being more true to or about anything I mention.

Do you have a new obsession?

   I really enjoy the wax tarts by Bridgewater Candle Company. I am far from being "obsessed" per say but I appreciate the air field with their scent without them overpowering everything.

Did you start a new collection?

   Nope, I always enjoyed having little figures of pixies or elves but I don't by more than 2 a year and I must have ten of them around the house. But I did start this 10 years ago so I would not say it really is a collection.

Was 2013 the best or the worse year for you?

   Neither, I would say that it was more of different and interesting year where I searched for myself and experimented.

lundi 30 décembre 2013

HOME: Yankee Candles Scents Review

As Christmas was around and as I had discovered how wonderful wax tarts could be through the Bridgewater Candle Company (which I can easily find at the flower market on île de la Cité) I went for the O so famously loved by bloggers and Youtubers Yankee Candles. I can just start by telling you: This, is not a nice review. I might get some haters and I don't really mind. I am just going to give you my honest opinion.

Cranberry Ice, Red Apple Wreath & Christmas Eve

I very often give you reviews on perfumes. Every single one of my reviews are on perfumes I wore or that my mother wore and so for a fairly long period of time (more than just a month). I love perfumes but it is true that I like nature and the way it can be magically locked into a little bottle amazes me. This often results in my wearing of a fairly "old school" type of fragrance or a classique. I can be distracted by brand new scents but half of the time they are the special edition of a well-known perfume that may or may not have been my taste to start with.

Apple and Pine Needle, Sugared Apple & Sparkling Cinnamon

All of this will, I hope, explain how and why my opinion on Yankee Candles scent is this one. 
Seeing how lovely (though sometimes a bit strong) were the tarts from Bridgewater or the few muji scented candle my mother got me, I thought that I would treat myself this Christmas with some Yankee Candles.
I picked up a set of ten of their Christmassy scents and one of their tart warmer.
The scents that I got were Cranberry Ice, Red Apple Wreath, Christmas Eve, Apple and Pine Needle, Sugared Apple, Sparkling Cinnamon, Spiced Orange, Christmas Cookie, Snow In Love and Christmas Rose. I am quite aware that these are not the newest scents but as I don't own any to start with they are all new to me.  

Spiced Orange, Christmas Cookie, Snow in Love & Christmas Rose 

Every scent, from those I got, were corresponding to their name tags however, they all have fairly tacky smells and I expected something a bit more subtle or actually with more notes. The fragrances are very chemical smelling and for some of them, very sugary and basically fake. 
I probably sound very mean to these poor little tarts but, as it can happen quite often, I had high expectations so I was even more disappointed. 
The scents I highly dislike but just because they are not my type of scent are Snow in Love and, surprisingly, Apple and Pine Needle I love the smell of a fir or the one of apples.
The others ones I will either burn or give to friends with more of a sweet appreciation.

Flower wax warmer (is a brillant object).

To finish on a very positive note, I love the wax warmer I got from Yankee Candle though. It is much more practical than the other ceramic one I own which is in one part. I am quite probably going to get more of those.

dimanche 29 décembre 2013


I saw this movie when it first came out and I saw it plenty of times since then.
It is the surprising story of a woman going from places to places with her daughter.
As they follow the wind, they arrive in a quiet little town in the middle of France .
Vianne then makes her chocolaterie in the very middle of the village which sorts of symbolises the gluttony henceforth one of the deadly sins.
However, it actually becomes a place of freedom and speech for the population of the town which enslaved by their mayor.

It is a beautiful tale about love and acceptance. I highly recommend it.

samedi 28 décembre 2013

BLOG: On "My"TUBE #5

A few long videos and lots of festive fun, hope you enjoy as much as I did.

1- Zoella made over her brother into the Grinch as she was dressed as Cindy Loo Who.

2-  Sorry but I love this video and it didn't seem to want to be imported from Youtube so do go see it, here is the link to see a fun and cool jump:

3- This sandwich looks so appetizing and like a monster so Iamyyy!

4- It really is a lovely family and a crazy over the top Christmas but I had a very good time watching this with a cup of coco.

5- It cracks me up and I do agree. I also have to say this made me laugh even before I knew the song itself.

5- Food again! I know, but it really is the best time of the year to give yourself a little extra treat and enjoy food so I do enjoy this little combo of ideas and festive dishes.

6- I enjoy watch little top 10's once in a while and this one is interesting and fun. After watching this, you definitely want to grab a ticket for one of these destinations.

7- My favorite quiz show and I like all of the people in the panel this year so it is fairly long and as usual some of the questions concern things that only preoccupied the UK but overall, it is so funny that you will forget about it and just laugh.

vendredi 27 décembre 2013

HOME: Maple Butter (Or Cream), A Recipe

My big brother and I are big fans of Maple Butter. However, as I live in Paris and have Canadian friends it isn't as difficult to find for me. but not a long ago I realized I could just make it myself.
As it turns out, maple cream (as it is also named) is a smooth caramelized version of maple syrup.


- Boil your maple syrup (when it is foaming) up to 112°C (232°F).
- As soon as it reaches the right temperature, get it off the heat.
 - Dip your pan into cold water so that it goes down to 20°C (70°F).
This will take approximately 30 minutes.
- Once it is 20°C, take it out of the water and beat it until it gets creamy
like a spread (it should take around 3 minutes).
- Put it into a container and place it in your fridge.
- Wait at least two hours to take it out and eat it with toasts, 
pancakes or crèpes.

This spread can last up to a month in your fridge.
Enjoy the little heaven this maple butter can be.

jeudi 26 décembre 2013

BEAUTY: Night time Routine #3: Beautifying

You are supposed to sleep over 7 hours a night, if you don't your skin is less tonic, less smooth and your complexion can get a bit duller. 
To help fighting the effect, select a rich and thick night cream (thicker then your day cream) and, before putting it on, cleanse your skin, rinse it and, if you do have one put on serum.
Try to avoid your under eye area with the night cream, not to overload it, than use an appropriate eye care contour cream.

Use cleansing oil to clean your face at night, it is very easy to get all the little extra make up off and I feel my skin looks better of in the morning.
Once more, I remind you that my favorite part about skincare is to activate the microcirculation by massaging the products in circular motions within your skin. This as well as the use of shower oils is just lovely to feel on the skin.

Mask up! You have so many masks around, it might be confusing at times. My best advice would be to stand in front of a mirror, see what your skin is like and get the answer treatment: dry, oily, mixte, acne-prone or aged. You will get a fast treatment for your skin and it will regenerate directly after it, while you are asleep.

BLOG: Night time Routine #2: Planning

Feng Shui Basics. Whether you are a sceptic or not, maybe you can give it a try. Turn your bed around for it to face South (the head of the bed towards the North).If you can not possibly do this, just place a magnet underneath your bed to inverse the polarity of it. It is said it helps you sleep better and energizes you during your sleep.

Feng Shui Principles
Turn off all electronic devices. You already spend your entire days on these, people can wait for your night to be over to call you or send you any message. For the very first part of your sleep, you need no disturbance what so ever.

If you want to do sports and it seems to be the only time you can. Don't do any "hard" sports. They would stimulates your organisme and would keep you wide awake. Try yoga or stretching  to avoid this effect but still have a good body shape.

mercredi 25 décembre 2013

BLOG: Some Presents On Christmas Day

My boyfriend got me the nicest and best present ever: a Canon EOS 600 D, a microphone and a tripod.
The macro type, I will definitely over use.
And then at one point, for no special reason, the cat became the star.

Here is a little OOTD and my face without make up.
But I stayed at home all day and here is to close up.
Last look at the Christmas tree.

lundi 23 décembre 2013

FRENCH: Crayonne donc un peu.

Avec toutes les déblatérations dans lesquelles je vous noie, on en oublierait presque de, dans la vie, il y a des choses simples. On a tous notre manière de faire. Notre manière de fermer les écoutilles et juste prendre la vie comme elle vient.

Personnellement, si il n'y a pas d'avion en vue, c'est de dessiner ou plutôt de crayonner qui est une action encore plus vague et obscure. Je ne me permettrais pas de dire que c'est pour tout le monde mais si vous voulez vous videz vraiment la tête tout en restant actif, la chute libre n'est pas mal non plus. Le seul petit hic, à mon humble avis, c'est que cette activité demande un tas de conditions favorables et que pour la pratiquer, il faut déjà aller bien. Prendre un crayon et une feuille demande une équation de conditions beaucoup plus simple à rassembler.

Et voilà ce à quoi j'arrive...

Et je vous assure pourtant qu'au début j'allais "moyen" mais vu le résultat, ça va bien .

Et bien entendu, ça coûte sensiblement moins cher qu'un psy.

Si vous ne savez pas dessiner, vous savez ce qu'il vous reste à faire, faut juste trouver le bon paraclub.

dimanche 22 décembre 2013

BLOG: On My Pinterest #4

The answer to a need of extra beauty and merry holiday time.
This probably is one of the cutest
dress I have ever seen. It is a bit more
spring than our current seasonal trend. But I
completely see it being a holiday party outfit.
My dream atelier.
How realistic is the paintings on those walls:

Let's party "absinthe-style" with Kate Winslet
Merry Christmas next to Tucson!
Saguaro National Park.
Isn't nature magnificent?
I would love to have these ceramics.

samedi 21 décembre 2013

BEAUTY: Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay Tutorial

Here is the recipe for the look I rocked in yesterday's video: * Christmas TAG, Christmas Tree and GIANT CANDY *.


1. Conceal and fix all the little imperfections you dont really like on your face.

2. Use a light coverage foundation or a bb cream to suit your natural complexion best.

3. Finish off with powdering up to make it last FOREVER... for around the 10 to 15 hours ou are supposed to go around wearing the same make up.


1. You should put a primer before hand for your make up to last then use a "base" color. I like to use a cream eye shadow so that the following make up grips onto it. Here I used R.S.V.P by Benefit.
2. I take my Naked 3 palette and used Liar at the outer edge of my eyes and in the socket line and Dust as a highlight on the middle of my lid.

3. To open the look, I dabbed a little bit of Call my buff by Benefit on the inner most edge of my lids but sticking with the Naked 3 and Strange would have been very nice as well.

4. I brush my brows and prime my lashes with a clear eyebrow gel.

5. I always finish up my looks with mascara (especially because I only wore lip balm for this video) and I am a big believer in no lumps and spidery looking lashes. Maybe not too long but with a nice disney princess vibe.